Bamboo Plant

Each time you purchase bamboo plant products, you’re not only creating a better, more sustainable lifestyle for you and your family, but you’re also making a significant contribution to bamboo farmers, cultivators and to the environment.

The Bamboo Factory believes in offering high-quality products while still caring for the environment. We are committed to using bamboo plant materials that are sourced from suppliers who operate according to the same ethical and eco-friendly standards that we do.

The following are just some of the reasons why making the switch to buying bamboo plant products is one of the best choices you’ll ever make.

Absorbs Carbon Dioxide

The bamboo plant greatly helps to reduce greenhouse gases. Bamboo absorbs five times the amount of carbon dioxide and releases over three times as much oxygen as any other plant.

When you use bamboo plant products like bamboo pillows and bamboo bed sheets, or when you wear bamboo clothes, you’re making a positive effect to the air we breathe.

Grows Fast

The demand for bamboo plant products is growing, but this does not create a problem like the demand for cotton or other popular materials. With the right cultivation, the bamboo plant can grow up to four feet in a day, making it a most sustainable choice of raw material. This also means that there will always be plenty of bamboo plants for the pandas.

Grows Natural

Unlike cotton, the bamboo plant doesn’t need chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers to grow. There’s no need to worry about inhaling toxins when you wear a bamboo t-shirt or sleep on a bamboo pillow. There are no residual traces of these harmful substances on bamboo fabric because they were never there to begin with.

Improves Soil Fertility

Through leaf fall, the bamboo plant helps improve the quality of the soil instead of depleting it as other plants do. This is why the bamboo plant doesn’t require additional fertilization. Because it returns nutrients to the soil, the bamboo plant is a powerful ally in rehabilitating and restoring soil degradation. The bamboo plant also prevents soil erosion wherever it grows as its roots bind together with other bamboo plants to hold the soil, forming an ecological infrastructure that helps improve the stability of the area.

Saves Water

With the increasing scarcity of water, the bamboo plant is a great choice of material to help the environment. The bamboo plant doesn’t need irrigation to get enough water to grow healthy. Bamboo plant fibres also have a high absorption rate, so you don’t have to use extra water to clean your bamboo products. Buying clothes, towels and many other bamboo plant products is definitely an investment in your children’s future and for Mother Earth.

Dries Fast

Bamboo plant fibres contain microscopic holes, making bamboo products highly breathable. This also means that machine drying bamboo pillow cases, bamboo sheets, bamboo towels and even bamboo clothes is fast and easy, even in cold weather.

The bamboo plant is known as the ‘wise man’s timber’ for good reason. Not only is it a great material for building and making furniture, but is also it creates livelihood for many and provides environmental solutions as well.

Each time you buy bamboo plant products like bamboo pillows or bamboo clothes, you’re not just improving your own well-being but you’re also helping create a sustainable world for generations to come.