Bamboo Pillows Size Chart

People spend a lot of time in bed, sleeping. It makes a lot of sense to get the right kind of pillow to promote consistent, quality sleep. No one likes to toss and turn or wake up in the middle of the night because their pillow just doesn’t feel right.

Our bamboo pillows are designed with all types of sleepers in mind. Whether you sleep on your stomach, side or back, our bamboo pillows will give you the fit that you need to sleep soundly.

 Each of our organically produced bamboo pillows contains shredded memory foam that conforms to your body’s shape. As it takes the shape of your head and neck, it helps align your spine and provide support as it allows your head, neck and shoulders to rest in a naturally comfortable position. All of this leads to reduced muscle, neck and spine tension, allowing you to feel relaxed even when lying down for hours on end.

Still, to get the greatest benefit from our bamboo pillows, it’s important to find the right size for your needs. Below is a chart you can refer to every time you shop for bamboo pillows. The following are the standard sizes of bamboo pillows:

Bamboo Pillow Size

Bamboo Pillow and Pillow Case Dimensions (cm)


40 cm x 70 cm


51 cm x 76 cm


51 cm x 90 cm

Euro (square)

41 cm x 41 cm

46 cm x 46 cm

51 cm x 51 cm

56 cm x 56 cm

61 cm x 61 cm

65 cm x 65 cm

If you need assistance in choosing the right bamboo pillows for your bed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.