Bamboo Bedding Size Chart

Bamboo Bedding has many beneficial and natural properties to help promote better sleep. For instance, bamboo bedding is highly breathable. They smell great and give you a fresh feeling every night. 

Bamboo bedding promotes better health because of its natural antibacterial properties. What’s more, it features natural thermo-regulating properties to keep you cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, because it is a naturally strong material, bamboo bedding lasts longer than other fabric types.

The Bamboo Factory offers a wide range of bamboo bedding to choose from. Below are some general guidelines to help you find the right size for your needs:

Duvet and Sheet Sizes

Refer to this size chart every time you purchase bamboo bedding to find the perfect fit:


Dimensions in CM

Bamboo Duvet and Sheet Size

Cot or Small Single

75 cm x 190 cm

Cot fitted sheet

Twin, Single

90 cm x 190 cm

Twin / Twin

Twin, XL

99 cm x 203 cm

Twin / Twin XL

Full or Double

135 cm x 190 cm

Full / Queen


152 cm x 203 cm

Full / Queen


193 cm x 203 cm

King / King Fitted Sheet

Sizes are based on standard metric measurements used in the United Kingdom.

Bamboo Bedding Shrinkage

Our bamboo sheets are pre-shrunk for your convenience. Bedding made from natural bamboo continuously shrinks little by little over time. Frequent washing will accelerate this process.


Our bamboo bedding is woven using natural bamboo fibres resistant to thread pulling or piling. Please follow the care tag instructions on your bamboo bedding to ensure they stay strong and soft for a long time.

Fitting your mattress with the right bamboo duvet and sheets is essential to a better, more restful sleep every night. While our bamboo bedding is designed to give the ultimate satisfaction no matter what kind of sleeper you are, getting the right fit helps you enjoy the full benefits bamboo bedding has to offer.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about fitting your bamboo bedding.