About Us

Our Promise

It is The Bamboo Factory’s mission to be the go-to brand for high quality, eco-friendly bamboo products. It is our long-term goal to create a sustainable world for our children.

We believe that as consumers ourselves, we have a very important responsibility to make wise decisions in the commodities that we support. When we make a conscious effort to do small things that can protect our Earth, like buying environmentally friendly merchandise, then we are doing our part to help create a better future for everyone. If we all have the same mindset, together, we create a powerful force in ensuring a safer, sustainable home.

We encourage you to promote eco-friendly, sustainable products within your circles of influence, from family to friends and beyond.

Ethical Sourcing

In line with our passion to go green, The Bamboo Factory is always looking for new and loveable eco-friendly products that won’t only make Mother Nature smile, but will also leave our customers 100% satisfied. All our bamboo products are sourced from top manufacturers that adhere to strict environmental policies and provide end products that are above industry standards.

It is The Bamboo Factory’s commitment to discover the most sustainable and sound sources of bamboo products. We adhere to fair trade policy and ensure that our product workers are working in a good environment and are covered by strict labor laws for their protection and improvement of their livelihood.

We pride ourselves in providing only quality bamboo products that are available for consumers and wholesalers alike. We run our company with strict adherence to environmental policies and we run on a sustainable business model. This does not only mean you get eco-friendly products but also environmentally friendly packaging and delivery process. We only support businesses and manufacturers that have the same mission and policies as ours.

What’s So Great about Bamboo?


People who suffer from allergies and eczema can find relief in bamboo products. Bamboo fibres are naturally soothing and cause no abrasion, making them perfect for sensitive skin. They are free of any toxins and chemicals because they are harvested and manufactured in the most natural way. The materials used in all our bamboo products are sourced organically, grown without artificial fertilizers or pesticides. There’s not even a hint of factory smell on our products.


Bamboo is one of the most renewable and sustainable materials, which makes it a very well loved material. Bamboo plants use space and water sparingly and do not require replanting. It takes only about 3 years to grow bamboo. It is also a fully biodegradable material that leaves a tiny carbon footprint. If you love Mother Nature, you will most definitely love The Bamboo Factory products.


Using materials made from bamboo fibres is safe for you and your family. There is nothing harsh about bamboo products, especially when the materials used to make them are sourced from ethical suppliers. Bamboo is safe for even the most sensitive skin. It’s soft and gentle, and even protects your skin.

Bamboo fibres are UV-resistant. This means that any materials made from bamboo will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Products such as bamboo blinds, clothing, curtains, eye masks, and crib beddings are superior to other materials in preventing sun damage.

Bamboo also protects your skin from moisture with its natural wicking properties. Bamboo is a highly absorbent material. It can soak in more moisture than other materials, and much faster. Bamboo keeps moisture away from your skin to protect it. When your skin is exposed to moisture for a long time, like on hot days or while you are sleeping, your skin becomes dry. Moisture strips away your skin’s natural protective oils and can cause skin irritation that can develop into allergies and painful sores.


Bamboo has the ability to naturally regulate your body temperature. The material is highly breathable and lets air pass through it freely. It keeps your body at an even temperature this way. When you use materials made of bamboo fibres, you can be comfortable regardless of whether the air around you is hot or cold. Staying at the proper body temperature also contributes to better health.

Bamboo has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Bamboo products that are manufactured using eco-friendly means preserves these properties. You can benefit from having a natural disease-repelling agent close by you at all times when you use these bamboo products..


Bamboo is very strong as a plant, and this means that it makes a very strong fibre. The bamboo products that you buy made from this durable bamboo material will last you a long time. Other materials that are commonly used to make clothes, pillows, sofa covers, bath towels, linens and many other products are not as durable. They tend to stretch out and wear thin over time with use and washing. Bamboo gives you with a quality alternative that does not stretch or wear down so easily.


Bamboo makes a very soft material. It is very strong, but its the fibres are also rounded at the ends and smooth down the sides. Cotton, in comparison, has sharp ends and long rough fibres that are often frayed along the edges.

Naturally smooth bamboo fibres will not irritate your skin even after using it for a long time. Bamboo materials are therefore the ideal choice for items that you keep close to your skin, such as pillows, beddings, clothing, eye masks, mattress toppers, sofa covers, and the like.

Bamboo is becoming a popular material for so many different kinds of products for home and personal use. Some of these products are socks, bed sheets, eye masks, toys, and even baby blankets and clothing. This is because bamboo products provide so many benefits that other materials can’t.