World Health Day 2018

World Health Day is an initiative of the World Health Organisation (WHO). This worldwide humanitarian organisation has backed many campaigns and achieved great things for humankind. World Health Day this year is a push for universal health coverage. WHO wants to see everyone, everywhere, get access to quality health care regardless of their circumstances.

Universal Health Coverage

World Health Day 2018 marks the 70th anniversary drive for world health. Half of the world’s population lacks access to essential health services. 100 million of those who have access are pushed into poverty by the exceedingly high costs of this essential care. The hope is that within the next five years, a billion more people will be able to get the care that they need without compromising their quality of life. Many world leaders committed to sustainable development growth in 2015, and the WHO wants to see them make good on their promises this year.

How much do you know about Universal Health Coverage?

Health and Comfort

Health should never be a trade off. Everyone should be able to take care of their health without damaging their quality of life. Everyone should be able to enjoy good health without having to give up other important things in life.

It makes no sense to put all your money into health care only to lose your home or become unable to eat proper meals. It also makes no sense to ignore health needs in order to be able to keep a roof over your head and get enough of the right kinds of nourishment. The result of both is the same - poor health - and it makes no sense that anyone should have to give up one for the other. It all rolls into a vicious cycle that must be stopped.

World Health Day infographic

Take Part!

There are many ways that you can be a part of World Health Day 2018. You can work within your personal spheres of influence and join groups to push for real change in the way health care is handled in your community.

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