Use a Bamboo Pillow for Migraine Relief and Celebrate Migraine Awareness Week

Migraine attacks are no joke nor are they “just a headache”. You shouldn’t have to suffer, and you can use a bamboo pillow for migraine relief.

What is a Migraine?

According to Migraine Trust, a research driven charity that campaign for and support people with migraines in the UK, a migraine is a complex neurological disorder that affects people from all walks of life, whether young or old, male or female.

About one fifth of the public suffers from migraines, and attacks can begin at any time in their lives. Although migraines can first occur in younger people – from childhood to early adulthood – it greatly affects adults between ages 35 to 45, most especially women.

In women, how often migraines occur and how painful they are depend heavily on the level of hormonal changes in the body during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Generally, however, women have more painful migraines that last longer than those affecting men. The frequency of migraine attacks increases during the reproductive years and decreases during menopause.

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What are the Symptoms of a Migraine Attack?

Migraines are characterised by a pulsating pain on one side of your head. This pain can even make you feel nauseous and overly sensitive to light and sound. Worse, it may even make you stay in bed for days until it resolves. Other common symptoms of migraines include feeling sick, actually being sick, vomiting and lethargy.

Most of the time it is difficult to know when a migraine attack will happen. However, what distinguishes a typical headache from a migraine will help you know whether you are about to have an attack or not.

A migraine has four to five stages that lead one to the other:

First is the premonitory or warning stage, then the aura phase which may or may not happen. Next, we have the main attack stage that leads to the resolution stage and then to the recovery or the postdrome stage.

The premonitory stage occurs when certain physical or mental changes happen like a sudden craving for sweet food, mood changes or physical tiredness. The aura stage is described as neurological symptoms that range from seeing dark or coloured or sparkly spots and a feeling of numbness, tingling, weakness, or vertigo to rare cases where partial paralysis or fainting occurs.

During the main attack stage, the sufferer may experience a throbbing pain on one side or both sides of the head that may even be unbearable or made worse by physical movement. The resolution stage may include the fading away or a sudden stoppage of the pain after the being sick or crying a lot. Mostly, sleeping helps the migraine sufferer.

The final stage of an attack is described by a feeling similar to having a hangover. It can last for hours or days after the migraine attack.

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Migraine Awareness Week

Migraine Trust holds Migraine Awareness Week on the first week of September to promote awareness of the disorder, promote research that can ease the burden of migraine sufferers, and eventually find a cure.

Although all the details are not out yet, some activities have already been scheduled, like on the 7th of September, the Thames Path Challenge. For this activity, participants can take on the challenge by walking, jogging, or running the path along England’s famous river. Another activity on the same date is the Thames Bridges Trek, which is a 25km walk to be participated by an estimated 2000 trekkers.

Managing Migraine

Migraines can be managed in a number of ways from taking conventional prescription medicines to alternative ones like herbal supplements, as well as treatment options like acupuncture.

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One very effective treatment is using a bamboo pillow for migraine relief to discourage the onset of a migraine. Using a bamboo pillow for migraine relief is also effective during the other stages, including the main attack stage.

Our bamboo pillow helps with migraines primarily by encouraging more restful sleep every night. The pillow is designed to be more than just comfortable – it conforms to the unique shape of a person’s head and neck, providing the support needed to encourage healing through proper blood flow and spinal alignment. These are factors that will greatly increase your comfort and eventually reduce pain.

shredded memory foam bamboo pillow

The use of any other type of pillow can strain the muscles and soft tissues of your head, neck and upper back. This type of stress can cause the onset of migraine.

The best pillow that could provide this support is the shredded memory foam bamboo pillow. These pillows are designed to provide ultimate support for your head, neck and shoulders. The memory foam conforms to the curves of your body and gently cradles your head, neck and shoulders. Thus, the natural resting space it provides prevents stiffness and discomfort while you sleep.

Moreover, the bamboo pillow cover also provides a cooling effect on your skin to make you sleep better. What’s more, the materials used to make the bamboo pillow are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial so you won’t have to worry about getting allergies on top of your migraine attacks.

Get the restful sleep that you deserve and need to reduce or even eliminate the severity of your symptoms and find quicker relief from the pain of migraines. Get your memory foam bamboo pillow now!