Rest from your Labours with Superior Bamboo Fibre Products

Bamboo Fibre Products labour rest
On the first of May, many countries around the world celebrate Labour Day or otherwise known as International Workers’ Day. In the UK, they observe...

The Effects of Sleep on Learning

sleep and learning
Learning, sleeping, and memory are not completely understood. However, based on studies, the quantity and quality of sleep can have a profound impa...

World Sleep Day with the Bamboo Factory Pillow

World Sleep Day with the Bamboo Factory Pillow
Celebrate World Sleep Day by getting proper sleep with the Bamboo Factory pillow made of quality bamboo fibres for improved health.

Take Advantage of Our Bamboo Pillow Valentine’s Promo!

bamboo pillow valentine
What better way to show how much you love the people who are close to your heart than by giving them the best quality products? Let them feel they ...

Bamboo Factory Christmas Sale 2019

BP Christmas Sale 2019
Late Christmas shopping can still be hassle-free with the Bamboo Factory Christmas Sale 2019, plus, enjoy a massive 25% off on your purchase.

Bamboo Factory Black Friday Offer

Bamboo Factory Black Friday Offer
Black Friday ushers in the Christmas shopping season all over the world. Professional and non-professional shoppers alike prepare for this yearly e...

Benefits of Using a Sleep Apnoea Pillow from the Bamboo Factory

sleep apnoea pillow
Having sleep apnoea (or apnea) is unpleasant, and can literally be exhausting. It’s important to be able to break this pattern so that you can func...

Use a Bamboo Pillow for Migraine Relief and Celebrate Migraine Awareness Week

bamboo pillow for migraine relief
Migraine attacks are no joke nor are they “just a headache”. You shouldn’t have to suffer, and you can use a bamboo pillow for migraine relief. Wha...

Breaking in Your Bamboo Pillow

breaking in your bamboo pillow
Imagine being excited at receiving your bamboo pillow and then being disappointed after tearing apart the packaging and seeing that it doesn’t look...

The Best Base for a Memory Foam Mattress

girl on memory foam mattress bed
A quality memory foam mattress topper can make a world of difference in your quality of rest. It’s ergonomic and orthopedic to provide you with tru...

The Reason Antibacterial Bamboo Fabric Matters

The Reason Antibacterial Bamboo Fabric Matters
We live in an increasingly polluted world, so keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from unnecessary exposure to harmful bacteria by using antibacterial bamboo is so important. 

What Makes Bamboo Better Than Cotton? Eco-Friendly Processing

bamboo vs cotton natural process
There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the manufacture of bamboo fabrics because of some questionable processing practices that have been ...