Rest from your Labours with Superior Bamboo Fibre Products

International Workers' Day, known as Labour Day in many countries around the world, was celebrated just three days ago on the first of May. May Day in the UK is also traditionally held on the first Monday in May but is not a public holiday. The bank holiday, observed on the first Monday of May, was declared in 1978 - and it’s just around the bend.

Many rites and celebrations that have been observed for hundreds of years are conducted on May Day. May Day in Great Britain has also since been linked to International Workers' Day although this holiday is not technically a Labour Day. A large May Day march is organised in London every year.

May Day Renewal

May Day in the UK dates back centuries as a pagan festival in the time of Roman Empire. Ireland and Scotland later adopted it as Beltane, or Gaelic May Day, marking the date between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. This festival celebrates fertility and rebirth and is traditionally observed with fertility rites and planting ceremonies. Beltane is filled with an air of abandon and fun, but also has deep connections with petitions for protection from the spirits. It seems only distantly linked with Labor Day - perhaps because of the nuances of rest and protection from too much serious work.

Bamboo Fibre Products renewal

Labour Day Rest

Labour Day is celebrated by many as a day to celebrate workers’ rights, and to devote to the fight to preserve and attain them for those of the working class who do not yet enjoy them. This date was made a public holiday after protesting workers were killed during a rally that went wrong in 1886, known as the Haymarket massacre. The day is originally associated with the fight for the eight-hour day to leave workers with enough time in the day for rest from their labours.

In the 19th century, trade unions became popular throughout the world, and labour movements spread. May 1st became known as International Workers’ Day, and the UK adopted the practice of holding rallies. To this day, large-scale rallies take place in major British cities such as London and Edinburgh. Anti-capitalist protests have also been held on this day, and last year, worldwide demonstrations were held to protest the immigration policies of US President Trump. This year in London, protesters march to support trade unions and workers’ rights.

Despite the loose connection between May Day and Labour Day, what better opportunity is there to celebrate rest and renewal? The first Monday in May this year is the 7th, just three days away. This gives all the UK a three-day weekend to enjoy. After the raucous anti-capitalist and anti-austerity May Day march in London against Brexit, the Windrush scandal, and the Grenfell Tower fire fallout, a good rest is warranted.

Bamboo Fibre Products rest

True Rest from Labours

This weekend, treat yourself to complete comfort with superior bamboo fibre products. Allow your body the comfort it deserves and the rest it requires with various bamboo fibre products made from one of nature’s most wonderful plants.


Towels should always be soft and absorbent. We use them daily to rub away moisture left after a good washing. Rough materials can irritate the skin and cause damage. Poor absorption leaves moisture behind that can also lead to skin irritation. Bamboo fibre products are both very soft and absorbent, making them a great towel material.

Moreover, bamboo fibre products are also anti-microbial. Towels get wet every day - sometimes twice a day - and are not often cleaned. After all, we are clean when we use them, right? This almost constant moisture can encourage bacterial growth, however. Bamboo fibre products prevent the formation and spread of bacteria. Bamboo fibre products also have great moisture wicking properties, which mean they dry fast - further resisting bacterial growth.

Bamboo Fibre Products sleep


Owning bamboo fibre products for sleep is probably one of the smartest investments yet. Bamboo fibre sheets, mattress toppers and pillowcases are some of the most comfortable bedding you can find today. Bamboo fibre products are soft and comfortable. They actually feel like silk yet are cooler during summer months. They also keep you dry and regulate your body temperature, which can rise and fall during sleep, causing discomfort. Bamboo fibre products resist bacteria that can cause infection, and this also prevents allergies. Plus, they don’t shrink or pile like some other soft material tend to do, even when washed often.


Some of the more popular bamboo fibre products include clothing. The fibre from the pulp of the bamboo plant can be used to make a wide range of clothing from dresses and slacks to shirts and even socks. Bamboo fibre products are especially great as creative sportswear or active wear due to the natural anti-microbial properties of the plant, which are preserved even after processing.

Furthermore, bamboo fibre products are great to wear, even for those who have sensitive skin, because they are so soft and comfortable. With the moisture wicking properties of bamboo fibre products, even the sweatiest workout can be less uncomfortable. And because bamboo fibre products don’t shrink like other common clothing materials do, they are a great investment.

True rest is not just about maintaining reasonable working hours and partying every now and then. True rest is allowing yourself to have the comfort and support that you need to get the rest that your mind and body require to recover from the day’s labours and prepare for the next.