Relieve the Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy with Proper Sleep

On World Cerebral Palsy Day, the 6th of October, people with cerebral palsy, their families, and supporting groups or institutions in more than 65 countries gather. With them, we would like to see young and old people with cerebral palsy (CP) enjoy the same rights, access, and opportunities as those without cerebral palsy. This is possible only if we are united.

About Cerebral Palsy

Throughout the world, there are 17 million people affected by cerebral palsy. People who are related or connected in some way with a child or adult with cerebral palsy are as many as 350 million. This physical disability commonly occurs during childhood.

Cerebral palsy is a permanent disability that affects movement. The effect of cerebral palsy can manifest from a weakness in one hand to almost a complete lack of voluntary movement. This disability has many complexities: 1 in 4 children with cerebral palsy cannot talk, 1 in 3 cannot walk, 1 in 2 have an intellectual disability, 1 in 4 have epilepsy, 1 in 5 have a sleep disorder, 3 in 4 experience pain. What is more, it lasts a lifetime and there is no known cure.

Download the What is Cerebral Palsy? and the Cerebral Palsy: Diagnosis and Treatment infographic posters  to learn more about this debilitating condition.

Change My World in 1 Minute

In 2012 to 2014, World Cerebral Palsy Day implemented a specific campaign, called Change My World in 1 Minute, that looked for innovative ideas for products and services that needed to be formed for people with cerebral palsy. This campaign further challenged designers and engineers in a contest to come up with a model and win a prize.

Cerebral palsy is a very challenging physical disability because it affects movement. People with cerebral palsy cannot keep steady balance and cannot control fine motor movements. This can often result in bruises and injuries when they accidentally knock or run into furniture, walls or fall onto the floor. Thus in 2015, through this competition, architects and designers from all over the came up with a bump-proof house called a Sponge House for people with cerebral palsy. Sally Garster, a 6-year-old cerebral palsy patient who lives in England, came up with the idea.

The challenge of the competition was for architects and designers to consider wheelchair accessibility standards and beyond, and be able to innovate and design a living space, furniture and furnishings, fixtures and fittings, appliances and or lighting to meet the needs of the majority of cerebral palsy patients who are still able to move around, as well as those who move around using a mobility aid.

This year, although you may not be a designer, architect or an engineer, you can help people with cerebral palsy to live better lives.

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Get Involved

There are campaigns that you can get involved in, like one that honours the lives and achievements of people with cerebral palsy together with the people and groups that support them. Another way that you can help is to champion those with cerebral palsy is to change how they are able to live by being one who can sway or affect others to change how they perceive people with cerebral palsy. You can also promote educational campaigns that create solutions to universal challenges. In addition, you can support activities that raise awareness of cerebral palsy and the problems people with cerebral palsy have to deal with daily. These activities could be at a local, national and international level in order to create and involve more societies.

You could also be of help by providing the simplest comfort of a good night’s rest to someone with cerebral palsy. Being able to find the proper sleeping position can largely minimize body strain and pain, as well as its effects. Other symptoms can also be reduced as a result of improved sleep. What we consider as normal movements such as standing up or holding our heads up and moving around are quite stressful actions especially for people with cerebral palsy. The strain or pain can worsen if they sleep in a poor position. A poor position while sleeping can put additional strain on the body all night long, and because of this, the body cannot rest well. With the ongoing strain happening, the body does not relax and continues to work, making it grow weaker and weaker every single day. All these result in pain, which indicates that the body is already tired from the work and that it needs to rest.

The special design of the 3D Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is a great help in promoting better rest for the body. This pillow better supports the head, neck and shoulders because it can follow the contours of the body. The head is a body part that is heavy, thus the surface on which it is rested should be able to support its weight. Because of its weight, the head exerts a considerable amount of pressure on the surface it rests on, which in turn causes pain as the surface pushes back. The design of the memory foam pillow allows the much-required head support but does not return the pressure, so there is no pain.

The neck takes all the weight of the heavy head all day. Unlike the legs, arms, and torso which can be supported by other surfaces like chairs and floors throughout the day, the head can only depend on the neck. Therefore, even if it is considered to be strong, the neck needs to be rested, too, because when it gets tired, it puts the strain on the shoulders. Normally, neck pain cannot be felt when the neck gets tired, but, we feel the strain on our shoulders instead, and it gets stiff.

The pillow’s design makes it possible for it to follow the shape of the head, neck, and shoulders, offering the best cushioning and support when you sleep. It is the material of the pillow which equally supports the head, neck, and shoulders and thus provides the needed comfortable position to rest and to physically recharge for the next day. Moreover, with the neck resting properly, the spine is realigned into its proper place. Daily routine activities move the spine bones in many different ways, and if they are not put back into their proper place, it can cause pain from the strain of the movements.

Likewise, the Cooling Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress Topper can also have the same effects on the body, in addition to the cooling effect that elicits sounder sleep. Research has revealed that lower temperatures during sleep contribute to its quality. In the topper is a layer of cooling gel that helps bring the body’s temperature to a level that will permit continuous, undisrupted sleep. On the whole, both the memory foam and the cooling gel layer bolster quality sleep that result in a good night’s rest that relieves and prevents pain. What is more, quality sleep with less pain leads to more physical strength for the day ahead.

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