National Girlfriends Day

Today is National Girlfriends Day!

National Girlfriends Day is not an official holiday, but was instituted as a special reminder for all of us to honour all the wonderful girls that make our lives better just by being there. Offices remain open and work goes on as usual, but even so, more and more people are celebrating this commemoration day. No one knows who started this holiday, and some suspect that it was a greeting card company ploy to sell more cards, but it is an ever increasingly popular day nonetheless. People are taking it seriously as a day to dedicate to their beloveds and besties, to show them how truly special they are.

Do you have anything special planned for your special girls this National Girlfriends Day, whether they be your romantic partners or your best female friends?

Traditionally, men who have chosen to spend this day with their romantic partners have celebrated this day in much the same way as they celebrate Valentine’s Day. Take your lady out to a nice dinner to show her that she deserves the best. Buy her a piece of jewelry to signify her value. Shower her with flowers and chocolates that tell her how beautiful and sweet she is. Buy her bamboo products to show her that you want her to always be comfortable. No time for all of that? Even a simple card or phone call with heartfelt words perfectly delivered can mean the world to someone special. Really, any kind of gift will do, as long as it has significant meaning for your relationship.

Women can also make a day of it and celebrate National Girlfriends Day by spending the day together, just the girls. Women have often turned it into a spa day or a shopping day, doing whatever activity they find best represents their best days together.

National Girlfriends Day special celebration

Interesting to Note…

The term girlfriend was first used in 1863 to describe a girl who was a friend from childhood - girl(hood) friend. In the 1920s, however, it came to be used as a term to refer to a female romantic partner, which is how it is most used today.

Take this day and turn it into a great celebration of friendship and love, whichever girl in your life you want to honour most specially. Friendship and love are the most special connections that we have in life. Don’t let National Girlfriends Day pass without showing your special girls how much they mean to you!