Mother Your Mother this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day comes but once a year, and it’s a great time to show Mum how much all her mothering means to you. Mothers are always taking care of us, even if it means feeding the entire neighbourhood at times. They are always there to make sure we’ve brushed our teeth, and to tuck us safely in at night.

This annual event is our chance to give back just a little of that unselfish care. Mothers don’t often show their weariness and pain - it’s just who they are! They always stand strong for us, giving us the courage that we need to learn and grow. But they do get tired and they do need relief.

The arms that held us high in the air feel the stress of providing the utmost protection while allowing us to fly free. The head that kept a smile on no matter what and told us stories until we were satisfied weakens as it strains to hold high hopes. The legs that stood for hours on end before the hot stove, day after day, show the signs of devoted service. The bosom that took all our tears and the stomach that cradled our aching heads grow heavy with our pain.

Mother’s Day

Our mothers deserve a bit of mothering every now and then, and especially on this day, specially dedicated to them. As a tribute to mothers everywhere, the Bamboo Factory is offering a discount on their luxurious range of bamboo products for Mother’s Day. Treat your mother to an item or two of the finest in bedroom and personal care items. Just use the coupon code MUM20 at checkout to get 20% off store-wide.

Show Mum that you recognise her sacrifices and are grateful to her every day for making them for you. Give her a gift that she can use every day to help her feel better. Our bamboo products are designed to give relief from a wide range of daily irritants and help ease the discomfort of many common problems. Give her the comfort that she deserves for putting your well-being first all these years.

Mother’s Day discount