Celebrate International Friendship Day by Giving a Gift of Health and Wellness

Did you know that there is such a day as an International Friendship Day? Indeed, there is, and it is celebrated every year on July 30th. This is, of course, another reason to spend the day with your group of friends or just your BFF.

History of International Friendship Day

Back in the 1930s, the concept of a friendship day was originally thought of by the maker of Hallmark cards on August 2, but because the people only took it as a money making scheme, the event faded away by the mid-1940s.  In Asia, however, it remained a custom to honor and acknowledge the importance of friendship.

Then in 1958, the World Friendship Crusade proposed to celebrate the first World Friendship Day on July 30 to promote peace through friendships. It was only in the year 2011, however, that the General Assembly of the United Nations declared July 30 as the official date to celebrate International Friendship Day.

Different parts of the world observe Friendship Day on different dates. In some countries like India, they honor friendships every first Sunday of August and in Ohio, Friendship Day is April 8th of every year.

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Friendship Matters

Friendship is a bond between two or more people that is characterized by feelings of care, respect, admiration, concern, and even love that is defined by a preference for a particular person.

Although there are those who are happy without friends, most people cannot live without their close peers. Moreover, a strong friendship is a critical feature of a person’s emotional well-being. Having friends helps in fighting loneliness, decreasing anxiety, and even improving overall physical health.

Sometimes, friendship can even be more fulfilling than familial or more intimate relationships. The reason for this is that friends are not forced to stick with you out of obligation but because they want to. Thus, friends are able to give you the support, understanding, clear communication, and deep loyalty that you need.

The everyday struggles that a person goes through seem lighter when there is a friend who lends a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand. The bond between friends grows stronger as they grow old. It is established not by the number of friends they have but by the quality of time spent.

Anthropologist Robin Dunbar has a theory that an individual has only a limited number of friends. Generally, an individual has up to 150 friends, 50 good friends, 15 close friends, and 5 intimate friends.

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Ways of Celebrating International Friendship Day

All around the world and across generations, there are different ways to celebrate International Friendship Day.

Some choose to hold a party among friends and share a meal together while telling stories or recalling memories. Others prefer to exchange gifts that symbolize their bond of friendship and that would also serve as a remembrance of the other. Aside from parties or get-togethers, there are those who spend time with their friends through outdoor activities like camping or picnicking by the beach.

The younger generation honor their friends by posting their greetings online through the various social media platforms or commemorating the moment with a bunch of groufies and selfies that eventually make it to the world wide web.

The Best Gift to Give on International Friendship Day

Of course, there is no better present for your friend than the gift of health and wellness by making it possible for your friend to sleep soundly for the rest of his or her life. Give a bamboo pillow. This is made of shredded memory foam that supports your head, neck and shoulders by molding to their shapes and thus providing you with a good position while you sleep.

This is by far the best gift to celebrate International Friendship Day because it does not only represent the emotional support a friendship provides but also the physical benefit that it gives.

There are many benefits of using a memory foam bamboo pillow. Firstly, it gives you a good night’s rest. Secondly, research has repeatedly shown that better sleep can prevent certain diseases like heart ailments, stroke brought about by high blood pressure, and even diabetes. Imagine what a simple bamboo pillow can provide your friends.

Celebrate International Friendship Day by hosting a pajama party with bamboo pillows as giveaways! Have loads of fun, then spend the rest of the night with sweet dreams.