Hot Summer? Switch to Cool Bamboo

Summer brings many a long, hot day that is followed by what can seem like an even longer, sweaty night. The heat often makes it difficult to fall into a restful sleep, even after a shower. Those who are able to fall asleep after this temporary relief end up tossing and turning. Many nights, they need to get up out of bed in the middle of the night because they just get too hot and sticky. This battle against a seemingly unbeatable foe can leave you exhausted even before your day begins.

How could anyone expect to get enough rest and avoid harmful stress in such discomfort?

Many nights without proper sleep can drain your energy and negatively affect your performance. The solution is finding ways to keep cool. One of the best ways to keep your body temperature under control is using cool bamboo as clothing and bedding material. You may already be using natural materials such as cotton to feel more comfortable in the heat, but cool bamboo actually works much better.

The Cool Bamboo Difference

heat sweaty cool bamboo fabricSwitching to bamboo pillows can be a big help because naturally cool bamboo helps the body
regulate core and skin temperature during sleep. Bamboo fabric has thermoregulating properties - like the body does - because it is highly breathable. Cool bamboo provides better thermoregulation than any other fabric that is used for clothing and bedding because of this, and also because it is moisture wicking as well as being highly absorbent at the same time. Cool bamboo pillows and bedding thus effectively battle high ambient temperatures and help the body maintain optimal sleep temperatures.It has long been known that
the body needs to be cooler to sleep better. Research on the subject continues, however. It generally shows that the optimal room temperature for sleep is between 15.5 and 20 degrees Celsius, which sleep expert Adam Tishman supports. Anything below or above this range can cause sleeplessness and/or poor sleep quality. Within this range, the body is able to maintain a core temperature slightly below 37 degrees, which is the best for a good night’s sleep. As was proven more than a decade ago, higher temperatures make us more alert, which means that feeling hot when we are supposed to be sleeping means not being able to sleep properly.

Can Bamboo Really Make a Difference?

Yes! Changing even just the type of pillow that you use can significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

cool bamboo pillow better sleep

A cool bamboo pillow will help the body to release excess heat from its core and cool down your surface temperature while preventing that same heat from being trapped around your head. This will greatly aid in falling asleep comfortably and reaching deeper sleep. It will also therefore help to prevent problems such as fatigue and poor performance that are associated with poor sleeping patterns.

Cool bamboo pillows work to draw excess heat away and keep sweat away from your skin to keep you feeling fresh so you can get the kind of sleep that your tired body needs to recover and prepare for another hot day.