Grandparents Deserve Quality Bamboo Comfort

Grandparents are certainly very special people. Not only did they give us our parents, but they also parent us – and in such a wise and gentle way. They deserve only the best, yet often reserve the best for you. Grandparents’ Day is this just one day a year when you can really shower them with everything great. Show them how much you appreciate their selflessness and make them know that they deserve the best.

What is National Grandparents’ Day?

National Grandparents’ Day is celebrated on different dates of the year in different countries, either as one single holiday or as a separate Grandmother’s Day and Grandfathers’ Day. The day has been internationally recognized with specific dates in Canada, Australia, Poland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many other countries. The specific dates may be different, but they usually fall within September or October. The months of autumn were preferred to celebrate the holiday to give tribute to the autumn years of a grandparent’s life.

In 1990, the holiday was popularized in the UK by the federation of charities known as Age Concern. Although it has always been celebrated every first Sunday of October since 2008, this holiday is not as commercially popular as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Grandparents’ Day is the day chosen to honour and celebrate any and all grandparents. This can be individually by their respective grandchildren, or anyone who just wants to appreciate the nannas and granddads of the world. This is unlike Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, which is usually just for our own parents. According to Information Now, there are 14 million people or an estimated 21% of the population in the UK who are grandparents. That means that for every three people, one is over the age of 50. That means that more help is needed from people to celebrate all grandparents in the way that they deserve.

Grandparents deserving quality bamboo comfort.

How to Celebrate Grandparents’ Day

There are many ways in which to celebrate Grandparents’ Day. A visit would be just as great as picking up the phone to grandma, or bringing gifts of the best of bamboo comfort products for heath and quality sleep. Even a simple day of remembering well loved and lost grandparents with family is a great tribute.

Age UK, who are the official advocates of the holiday, give the greatest and grandest Grandparents’ Day celebrations. In 2016, they hosted an event fronted by ambassador and YouTube star Joe Sugg that raised funds and asked people to make the food that reminded them of their fondest memories with their grandparents.

This year, they are pushing people to use #grandpics and #grandparentsday when they share pictures and stories of their grandparents on social media. There are also walking routes launched by Grandparents Plus for grandparents to enjoy with their grandkids – or anyone who wants to honour these grand folks – as they celebrate Grandparents’ Day. Among other charities, Blind Veterans UK have also acknowledged and prepared for the holiday.