Extend the Durability of Your Bamboo Pillow Case

Congratulations on your purchase of a bamboo pillow case! Whether it came with your amazing bamboo pillow or you have purchased a spare pillow case, you now have a very high quality product that will help you sleep better.

Your bamboo pillow case is made to last, but there are ways that you can preserve its quality for even longer. Here’s how you can ensure that your bamboo pillow case stays fresh and new through many washings.

Be Gentle

There is no doubt that our bamboo pillow case is a very durable product, but you can avoid damaging it and preserve its durability with these tips:

The first thing that you want to remember about caring for your bamboo pillow case is to always wash it using cold water. If there’s a stain on your bamboo pillow case, you can spot clean it with baking soda and mild detergent before washing it. Apply baking soda on the stain and let it stand for an hour then brush it off. If the stain persists, apply mild detergent on the stain and let that sit for a few hours then gently hand-scrub the area and wash as usual.

Do not use bleach on your bamboo pillow case. Bleach is a very harsh chemical that can damage the soft bamboo fibres.

When washing your bamboo pillow case, a mild detergent is preferable. You can use normal laundry detergents, but certain chemicals can slowly eat away at the fabric, reducing its softness and durability. Washing the bamboo pillow case more often using mild detergent is better than using a harsher detergent.

Stay Natural

Your bamboo pillow case is already very soft, and it will get softer the more you wash it. There’s no need to use fabric conditioners, and you really shouldn’t. Fabric conditioners leave a coating on fabrics that can change both the feel and function of your bamboo pillow case. To preserve its natural softness, wicking properties and absorbency, rinse it with clean, cold water.

You can tumble dry your bamboo pillow case if you’re pressed for time. Make sure that it’s set on low so you don’t damage the fibres. The best way to dry your bamboo pillow case, however, is the old fashioned way. Hang your bamboo pillow case out under the sun to preserve its quality and gain additional benefits from the sun’s disinfecting powers. If you need it to dry faster, just spin dry before hanging. If the sun isn’t out, air drying works, too, since bamboo fabrics dry quickly.

Between washings, you can also naturally freshen your bamboo pillow case and pillow by letting them sit out in the sun for a few hours. The sun’s heat makes the fibres expand and disinfect, restoring freshness.