Combat Diabetes with Healthy Sleep and Diet

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is encouraging families to be familiar with the symptoms of diabetes. That is why the theme for World Diabetes Day 2018-2019 is Family and Diabetes. Because diabetes concerns every family, the two-year campaign aims to boost the consciousness of people regarding how diabetes affects the family and to advocate the part the family plays in the care, management, prevention, and education of diabetes.

In the UK, Diabetes Week takes place in the second week of June. This year it is during June 10-16. It is an event annually hosted by a British charity group called Diabetes UK in order to promote diabetes awareness and raise money to help fund research on the disease. During the week, there will be a variety of community events, challenges, races and walks that will help more people to know more about diabetes not only as a chronic condition but also how it feels to live with it so that everyone gets to #SeeDiabetesDifferently.

Incidentally, Father’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of June or for this year it falls on the 16th, well within the celebration of Diabetes Week.

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Diabetes Facts

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that prevents the body from processing blood glucose, also known as blood sugar, making the levels too high. Continuous, careful management is needed in order to prevent the accumulation of sugars in the blood, which can lead to dangerous complications like kidney failure, stroke and heart disease. More serious complications may lead to blindness and lower limb amputation. Diabetes in itself is controllable, but its complications can radically affect daily living, and can sometimes even be fatal if not treated immediately.

Half of people who currently have diabetes are undiagnosed. This puts them at great risk for other potentially life threatening health concerns such as heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. They are also at risk for blindness and lower limb amputation, which can seriously affect quality of life. Three quarters of people with diabetes live in under-developed and developing countries. This limits their access to diagnostic facilities and treatment options.

Almost the same portion of diabetics and their family members in total have access to programmes that educate them on diabetes prevention and care. Most concerning of all, 80% of the time, type 2 diabetes is completely preventable through simple lifestyle changes.

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Combat Diabetes with Healthy Diet Choices

Most of the items that line grocery shelves these days are really not good to eat. Particularly those with diabetes risk factors or a developed diabetic condition – quite probably spurred by lifelong poor diet choices – need to make the switch to a healthier diet starting today. Food is not only our bodies’ source of energy, but one of the top ways that our bodies naturally heal themselves. In many cases, diabetes can even be reversed by following a healthy diet.

Combat Diabetes with Healthy Bamboo Sleep Choices

The other major way that the body heals and grows stronger against threats like diabetes is healthy sleep. This means not only getting the right amount of sleep, but ensuring that it is truly restful so that the body can get into the right sleep phases for the appropriate periods to promote healing. A number of factors contribute to healthy sleep, including a routine to sync your circadian rhythm, a sleep-inducing  atmosphere, supportive bedding and comfortable pillows.

According to a study, lack of healthy sleep can raise blood sugar levels and diabetic insulin levels. Sleep and the control of blood sugar levels greatly affect each other, which results to having poor bed time slumber. As the quantity of sleep decreases, the level of blood sugar increases, intensifying the health problem. High blood sugar levels makes resting also uncomfortable because it may increase the body temperature and causes annoyance and agitation.

Diabetics have been known to have worse sleeping arrangements compared to non-diabetics. Moreover, inadequate sleep is potentially responsible for developing diabetes. The benefits of sleep go way beyond lifting your spirits or preventing dark circles around your eyes. A good night’s rest can do wonders to your overall physical wellbeing, and can be good for your heart, weight, mind, and more.

In order to promote a good night’s sleep, it is advisable to set the stage so to speak. Prepare yourself for bed by setting a schedule or a time to hit the sack. Do not expose your brain to stimulants found in food or in your environment. Your sleeping quarters should be quiet and equipped with dim lights. Make sure your bed is spacious and with comfortable pillows and beddings that provide better head and neck support and let you wake up rejuvenated and vitalized.

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Honor your Father

What better way to honor your father this Father’s Day than to give him the gift of health from a good night’s sleep by surprising him with a bamboo pillow and beddings? He will surely appreciate and remember you every time he goes to bed and when he wakes up refreshed and energized. Besides, your gift also lasts a lifetime and may even save him from being afflicted with conditions that may endanger his health.

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Get Involved

Help the International Diabetes Federation to promote healthier lifestyle choices by sharing information on better diet and sleep to combat diabetes. Proper nutrition combined with proper sleep is everyone’s best defense against developing diabetes and best way to deal with the effects of and improve health for those with an existing prediabetic or diabetic condition.

Connect with the campaign on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #WDD2018 and post selfies with the WDD blue circle to signify your support. Use their provided resources to further spread the word and help people get healthier today. Download the campaign toolkit to access more information about the campaign on diabetes prevention and care so you can share it with friends and family.