Celebrate the Uncelebrated Boyfriend with the Best of Bamboo

 There are special days to celebrate wives, girlfriends, mothers, and women but there is no special day for boyfriends. The one awesome person who bears with you and your quirks every single day. They do not get the recognition they deserve. They may not be easy to live with, but come to think of it, who is?

They should still be acknowledged for all the little things they do for you to help you be more comfortable. Good thing there is a Boyfriend’s Day in the UK, celebrated October 3rd of every year. Now you have the best excuse to celebrate that special someone and an opportunity to tell him how much you love and appreciate him.

Boyfriends Do a Lot

You think it’s a breeze to be a boyfriend? Well, think again. Being a boyfriend is not a walk in the park because there are so many details you have to remember. Dates for anniversaries, birthdays, your parents’ birthdays and many different holidays. Then there’s different facts about people like who likes who, who hates who. And don’t forget the house rules like whether to leave the toilet seat up or down. It is the most arduous role ever.

But then there’s more – you have to contend with opposing expectations, you have to be the stable and reliable pillar that can withstand the magnitude and strain of different struggles, but you also need to be gentle, accommodating, and be able to communicate your emotions with others. Then again, you also have to be the macho man! And most of the time, they are the one you draw encouragement and approval from.

So, what is really expected of guys? Well, what is expected of them on Boyfriend’s Day is to take it easy, unwind, and utterly relish this one special day without any obligations to carry out like every other day. (Except annihilating spiders, of course, because killing spiders cannot be delayed nor postponed, Boyfriend’s Day or not.)

In short, Boyfriend’s Day should become more popular in order for their efforts to be recognised. Then they can get the respect they deserve.

Celebrating boyfriends best of bamboo materials

How to Celebrate Boyfriend’s Day

How do you celebrate Boyfriend’s Day? Simple. Celebrate the boyfriend. Start with the things that you usually do together, especially those things that he goes out of his way to do for you. Moreover, if you think he has not done what he likes doing for a while, let him take the day off to do what he loves and get time for himself. Above all, don’t forget to show your appreciation for all the things that he has done for you every day, including the ones that he thinks are not that important. You will be astonished to discover that a little thank you can go a long way, especially when it was said unexpectedly.

A gift, of course, is always a great way to demonstrate appreciation. Show that although you may not like to participate in many of the sweaty activities that he loves so much, you recognise his right to them. Even though he sleeps shirtless and sticky, you love him anyway. Guys are practical – apart from their games and cars – so give him something that will increase his ease. The best of bamboo clothing, bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases, sleep masks, mattress toppers and more are sure to give him the added comfort that he deserves after caring for you so well. The best of bamboo will help him feel cool and comfy no matter his temperature, and keep the sweat at bay so he can stay fresh.

However you celebrate this special day, it is important to let him know he is highly appreciated. Use #NationalBoyfriendDay to post on social media and let the world know about your special boyfriend!