Celebrate National Stop Snoring Week!

National Stop Snoring Week is an annual event of the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association. It was established to promote general awareness about snoring and its effects. The association believes that nobody needs to suffer as a result of snoring.

Do you or your partner snore? Does it affect your sleep?

Snoring is a condition that can be treated!

This year, National Stop Snoring Week focuses on using the technology that we have today to help you or your partner stop snoring. Many of us now use smartphones, and there have been a wide range of phone apps developed around sleep and snoring. The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association is currently conducting a survey throughout the UK to see how these phone apps can be used to help us all sleep better. An app is only a starting point, but it can play a good part in achieving a peaceful night's sleep.

If you want to help by contributing important information that can help you and countless others to sleep more peacefully, take their survey here.

Is Snoring a Health Threat?

The wheezing and guttural sounds that are called snoring can be annoying. But snoring is more than just an irritation that some of us must live with. The sound often disrupts sleep, both for the snorer and for anyone within hearing range. Snoring can be as loud as over 100 decibels. Sleep can be affected by noise at the 40 decibel level. Snoring has been recorded to be at least at the 50 decibel level. This means that all snoring is loud enough to affect sleep.This first threat is sleep disturbance, and it can leave us poorly rested at best.

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Sleep disruptions can cause us to continually be deprived of proper rest, which can result in a myriad of other problems. People who don’t get enough sleep or suffer poor quality sleep for long periods can become restless, lose self-control, suffer impaired response times and generally perform less well than they should. These problems only lead to more problems, and they can only be solved with proper sleep.

More serious than the above, a lack of good sleep can be the root cause of a lot of grave health issues, some of which are life-threatening. Sleep deprivation can affect body systems negatively. For instance, it can cause imbalances in hormonal release, glucose regulation and cardiovascular function. All of these result to poor overall health.

Snoring as a noise in itself can also cause problems. Prolonged or regular exposure to noise has been linked to mental health problems, cognitive issues and negative social behaviour. These problems are even worse when the noise is annoying - which snoring most definitely is.

How Can I Stop Snoring?

The first step to stop snoring is to know the cause of it. Some people snore because they have loose skin in their throat that causes vibrations, a.k.a. snoring. Others snore because their tongues relax and fall to the backs of their throats, blocking the passage of air. Still other people snore because of their sleeping position. A poor head and neck position can cause the airways get blocked during sleep, which causes breath to be forced out, resulting in that irritating sound.

Once you know the reason for your snoring, you can start doing something about it.

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If you are a mouth or throat snorer - meaning you snore because of your tongue or jaw position, there are devices that you can get fitted for that will help you. If you have found that you snore because of a poor sleeping position that causes your neck to be compressed, we can help! The Bamboo Factory has an excellent bamboo pillow that you can use to help you sleep in a better position.

The bamboo pillow is made of shredded memory foam which can be molded to your head, neck and shoulders to help you keep a good position while you sleep. By shaping it to your particular curves, you can find a comfortable position that will allow your head to rest comfortably without causing the neck to bend at an awkward angle or your shoulders to fall in a position that puts added strain on your airway. This way, you can keep your airway open throughout the night, eliminating your snoring problem and allowing you and those around you to get better sleep.

We want you to get what you need to sleep better!

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