Celebrate Back Care Awareness Week and World Spine Day

Among adults aged 60 years and older, one of the most seriously disabling health condition is back pain. It is mostly caused by age due to the physical and psychosocial changes that occur. However, older adults are not distinctly aware what causes back pain or the effects of back care and pain management.

Approximately one billion people worldwide suffer from back pain affecting all age groups, from children to the older people. It is the single leading cause of disability in the world, with one in four adults considered to endure pain in their back in the course of their life.

Back Care Awareness Week

In line with this, the BackCare organisation would like to promote awareness on the topic by giving valuable information, latest updates, design new booklets and posters during its BackCare Awareness week, running through October 12th 2018.

According to NCBI, current proof shows that the rates of severe and chronic low back pain escalate with older age. In contrast to working-age adults, older adults are more prone to developing lower back pain like osteoporotic vertebral fractures, tumors, spinal infections, and lumbar spinal stenosis.

World Spine Day

#LoveYourSpine has been chosen as the motif of this year’s global spinal health campaign after its success in the World Spine Day last year. World Spine Day, which happens on the 16th of October each year, has become the focal point in helping more people become aware of back pain and other spinal problems. With the participation of health professionals, exercise and rehabilitation experts, public health advocates, schoolchildren and patients, the event and hashtag are set to be observed worldwide.

#LoveYourSpine will emphasise on the significance of spinal health and wellbeing. The bolstering of physical activity, good posture, responsible lifting and healthy working conditions will all be discussed as people are urged to take good care of their spines and stay active. Prevention is important and in this year’s celebration of World Spine Day, and people are strongly advised to start figuring out ways to be kinder to their spines.

World Spine Day is coordinated by the World Federation of Chiropractic for the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health. Worldwide, it has more than 500 official organisational supporters. In order to be involved, you can go the website or connect on Twitter (@world_spine_day) and Facebook. Just by giving your support there, you are already helping the organisation to promote the advocacy and assist in providing updates on the latest events happening all over the world.

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Promote Spine and Back Care

People in underdeveloped countries often cannot avail of regular healthcare resources for spinal pain and injury or access basic back care information and support. They frequently just depend on traditional healers, and even those who go to hospital are only given anti-inflammatory medicines as stop-gap measures.

In many parts of the world, committed spinal health professionals are not available, so education and self-help are important. However, in high-income countries, back pain also affects millions of people, and this has dealt a tremendous blow to industry and economy.

Take Care of your Back and Spine

What can considerably lessen body strain and pain and its effects is proper position during sleep. A good night’s rest can also cut down on other symptoms. What we consider as normal movements such as standing up or holding our heads up and moving around are quite stressful actions especially for people with back and spine problems.

The strain or pain caused by what are considered normal movements can worsen if they sleep in a poor position. It can put additional strain on the body all night long, and because of this, the body cannot rest well. With the ongoing strain happening, the body does not relax and continuous to work, making it grow weaker and weaker every single day. All these result to pain which indicates that the body is already tired from the work and that it desperately needs rest.

The special design of the 3D Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is a great help in promoting better rest for the body. This pillow better supports the head, neck and shoulders because it can follow the contours of the body.

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The Role of Your Head in back Care

The head is a body part that is heavy, thus the surface on which it is rested should be able to support its weight. Because of its weight, the head exerts a considerable amount of pressure on the surface it rests on, which in turn, causes pain as the surface pushes back. The design of the memory foam pillow allows the much-required head support but does not return the pressure so there is no pain.

The Neck Plays into it, too

The neck takes all the weight of the heavy head all day. Unlike the legs, arms, and torso which can be supported by other surfaces like chairs and floors throughout the day, the head can only depend on the neck. Therefore, even if it is considered to be strong, the neck needs to be rested, too, because when it gets tired, it puts the strain on the shoulders. Normally, neck pain cannot be felt when the neck gets tired, but we feel the strain on our shoulders instead as they get stiff.

The pillow’s design makes it possible for it to follow the shape of the head, neck, and shoulders offering the best cushioning and support when you sleep. It is the material of the pillow which equally supports the head, neck, and shoulders and thus provides the needed comfortable position to rest and to physically power recharge for the next day. Moreover, with the neck resting properly, the spine is realigned into its proper place. Daily routinary activities move the spine bones in many different ways, and if they are not put back into their proper places, it can cause pain from the strain of the movements.

Sleeping at the Proper Temperature

Likewise, the Cooling Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress Topper can also have the same effects on the body, in addition to the cooling effect to elicit sounder sleep. Research has revealed that lower temperatures during sleep contributes to its quality. In the topper is a layer of cooling gel that helps bring the body’s temperature to a level that will permit undisrupted sleep. On the whole, both the memory foam and the cooling gel layer encourage quality sleep that results in a good night’s rest that relieves and prevents pain. What is more, quality sleep without pain or with less pain leads to more physical strength for the day ahead.