Breaking in Your Bamboo Pillow

Imagine being excited at receiving your bamboo pillow and then being disappointed after tearing apart the packaging and seeing that it doesn’t look like the soft, fluffy pillow you were expecting it to be. Don’t fret. Your pillow usually arrives tightly rolled and flat for cheaper and faster shipping.

Below you'll find tips on braking in your bamboo pillow to fluff it up and bring out that plump, cushy softness hidden inside.

What is the bamboo pillow?

Bamboo is processed into fibres and spun into threads used to make bamboo fabric. This fabric is popularly known to be hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and one of the softest and most comfortable in the world. That is why it is used in making bamboo pillow cases.

Our bamboo pillow contains shredded memory foam which makes the pillow cushiony and comfy. This also allows the pillow to conform to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders, helping you get into the most comfortable sleeping position.

breaking in your bamboo pillow

Breaking in your bamboo pillow

When you remove your pillow from its wrappings, you might notice an off-gassing odor coming from the pillow. This is perfectly normal for bamboo pillows and it will eventually disappear. At this point, you need to let the pillow air out overnight in a well-ventilated area away from people and pets so you are not bothered by the chemical release.

When the smell is gone, take your pillow and shake it. This separates any clumped up shredded foam inside. Use your hands to further break up the chunks of foam and loosen them up. You could also do some karate chops on the pillow to fluff it up in a fun way. If you notice more off-gassing, air the pillow out again before using it.

The pillow is now ready for the dryer. Removed the casing first, because it should always be washed and dried separately from the pillow. Otherwise, you could easily ruin both the pillow and the cover.

An important part of breaking in your bamboo pillow is using 4-5 dryer balls. If you don’t have those, you can use tightly rolled clean socks or tennis balls. Let the pillow toss in the dryer on low heat for about 10 minutes. Never use too much heat as this will definitely ruin your pillow.

Remove the pillow from the dryer and do some more plumping to loosen any stubborn foam pieces and to let more air get in between the foam particles.

plumped up bamboo pillows

Tips on regular use

As you use your pillow over time, it will become flatter from supporting your heavy head, neck and shoulders. Thus, it needs to be regularly fluffed up, preferably when you make your bed in the morning so it has the entire day to air out and rebound. You can also give it a quick plumping before you sleep at night for added measure.

To correctly use your bamboo pillow and benefit the most from its advantages, you need to lay yourself high on the pillow so that the pillow can mold into the shape of your neck and properly support it. Otherwise, you might strain your neck instead of helping it.

Washing your bamboo pillow

For you to be able to properly care for your bamboo pillow, you need to know and closely follow the care instructions that come along with it.

Different pillows come with specific care instructions, and there will be a point when you have to wash your pillow for health and cleanliness reasons due to the sweat, dust and dead skin your pillow can accumulate over time.

fluffing bamboo pillow dryer

Experts suggest washing the pillow at least twice a year and washing the casing as often as necessary. Doing it properly will ensure that your pillow lasts longer, and your pillow case will get softer, too.

Number one on the list: prepare a mild detergent, a deep basin or sink (your bathtub could work just as well), and a pillow drying rack on which to lay out your pillows flat to dry.

Next, take off the pillow case and machine wash that in lukewarm water on the gentle cycle using mild detergent. Do not use water that is either too hot or too cold as this will cause damage to your bamboo pillow case.

Thirdly, using a little mild detergent in lukewarm water, wash the pillow in the basin, sink or bathtub gently squeezing in the detergent with your hands. Do not use bleach as this will damage the memory foam.

Do not soak the pillow through with the soapy mixture or it will be very hard to rinse and dry it thoroughly. Just cover the pillow with it and rub gently. If you take care to protect your pillow and clean it regularly, you won’t need to wash its insides. If needed, you can put on one or two extra pillow covers under the bamboo pillow case to keep the pillow itself clean.

Rinse the pillow fully, multiple times if necessary, to get all the soap out.

Air dry the pillow on the drying rack under the heat of the sun, if possible. You have to be sure that the pillows are completely dry. This is to prevent mould from growing inside a damp pillow. Memory foam is mould-resistant, but it won’t be able to win over fungal and bacterial growth a damp environment.

drying rack

Wash your bamboo pillow case as often as needed to keep it clean and fresh and to prevent dirt from reaching the pillow. This will also increase the fabric’s softness and make you more comfortable as you sleep.


All that work going into maintaining a bamboo pillow is worth it considering the numerous good nights of sleep you’re going to enjoy and all the added health benefits it will bring.

Be mindful of how you care for your bamboo pillow so that you can enjoy dreaming on it and waking up refreshed for a very long time.