The Best Base for a Memory Foam Mattress

A quality memory foam mattress topper can make a world of difference in your quality of rest. It’s ergonomic and orthopedic to provide you with truly relaxing sleep. It conforms to your body to give it the support that it needs, reducing all kinds of muscle strain, and therefore pain. But you can’t get the most out of a memory foam mattress’s responsiveness if you aren’t using it properly.

Here are some tips on using your topper so you can gain the maximum benefits.

A Good Foundation

Memory Foam Needs a Rigid Base

Any mattress, whether memory foam or not, will sag if it isn’t resting on a good base. For a thicker memory foam mattress, you can use a slatted bed base – as long as the slats are close enough together to provide enough support to prevent this super flexible material from sagging through the open spaces. The point is to have a rigid support base to hold the mattress up.

slatted memory foam mattress bed frame

Platforms versus Box Springs

The best base for a memory foam mattress is a flat platform type bed – or the floor. This provides even and firm support for your mattress. You can use a box spring if you still prefer that, but they will not allow the full memory foam benefits.

Box springs are designed to bend more where more weight is placed, causing the memory foam mattress to sag along with it – right in the middle. This negates memory foam’s weight distribution and anti-motion transfer properties. In short, if you sleep alone, you will tend to get “trapped” in one spot, and if you sleep with a partner, you will tend to roll towards each other. Neither of these situations is very good for your comfort or sleep quality. Eventually, your memory foam mattress will not return to its original structure, no matter how good it is.

Note that it is only necessary to use a box spring if your bed does not have adequate support for a mattress without one; for instance, if your bed frame was designed to have a box spring on it. You can’t put a memory foam mattress on top of this type of bed frame because it will sag through the gaps. In addition, be careful using box springs that are made with actual springs in them since they can damage your mattress.

box spring memory foam mattress base

Mattress Stacking

For thinner memory foam mattress toppers, simply lay it on top of your existing mattress. Note, however, that if your old mattress is saggy and uncomfortable, then your new memory foam mattress is likely to conform to its odd bumps and saggy parts – and not give you the support it was intended to. In the end, you’re better off with a flatbed – even if this means laying a piece of plywood on top of your saggy box spring or bed frame to get that even surface. You should also seriously consider getting a new mattress or bed frame – it’s for your health after all!