Bamboo Plant Facts - More Amazing Bamboo Characteristics

The Bamboo plant has so many wonderful characteristics, as we discussed in earlier posts about it’s amazing structure and growth and its versatility and sustainability as a material for a wide variety of purposes. But the bamboo plant is so amazing that there are even more wonderful things about it.

Did you Know?

  • The bamboo plant can grow unharmed by insects and other pests even without the use of pesticides because of a toxin that it produces called bamboo kun that keeps pests away.
  • Bamboo kun is toxic to pests but perfectly safe for people and pets.
  • Because of bamboo kun, bamboo plant fibres are hypoallergenic, and so are any materials made from them.
  • Also because of this antimicrobial bio-agent, bamboo bamboo plant fibres are odour resistant.
  • The bamboo plant takes in more carbon dioxide from the air than any other plant and produces 30% more oxygen than any other plant, effectively cleaning the air better and greatly reducing the effects of greenhouse gases.
  • Bamboo plant fibres are the strongest natural fibres known to man, making bamboo textiles very durable.
  • As durable as they are. bamboo plant fibres have rounded edges, which also make them exceedingly soft and gentle when used as bedding or clothing.
  • Textiles made from 100% naturally processed bamboo plant fibres retain the antibacterial properties of the live bamboo plant and transfer their benefits to anyone using them.
  • Bamboo plant fibres have a unique combination of natural wicking and absorbing properties that keep moisture away from the skin to prevent irritation.
  • Bamboo plant fibres have natural cooling properties because of their unique wicking process, so they do not retain body heat yet stay warm when it’s cold.

Do you know of any other amazing bamboo facts that make it one of the most wonderful plants that we have on Earth? There are so many amazing things about the bamboo plant that we couldn't possibly list them all!