Bamboo Material Basic Properties

Bamboo material is the most comfortable known to man. It is also one of the most highly absorbent and naturally thermo-regulating. Despite being so soft, bamboo material is also very durable. To top it all off, bamboo material is extremely lightweight.

Supreme Softness

Bamboo material is extremely soft to the touch. Like the most premium of cotton fabrics, bamboo fibres are naturally rounded. This makes the individual fibres soft since there are no sharp edges to them. Bamboo fibres are also naturally long, which means there are less ends to deal with. This makes the entire fabric weave luxuriously soft. Other fibres like what you find in the average cotton weave and other fabric types are short and sharp. If you think cotton is soft with these short, sharp fibres, then you can imagine how much softer bamboo material is.

To give you an idea, the bamboo material used to make bamboo pillows, sheets, clothing and other items is of similar texture to the most premium of cotton materials, known as Egyptian cotton. Bamboo material remains superior to even this luxurious cotton weave, however, because it is organically grown and not slippery to the touch.

Bamboo material is very comfortably worn even directly against very sensitive skin. It is so soft that it does not cause any irritation. Even babies and those who are prone to skin allergies after wearing other natural fibres can wear bamboo safely and comfortably. Additionally, bamboo material is not prone to piling, which is when individual fibres escape the fabric weave and become bunched together. Piling can be ugly, making the fabric rough and cheap-looking, but more than this, piling can irritate the skin. The long fibres of bamboo resist fabric piling and stay soft for much longer. In fact, as bamboo material is washed, it grows even softer and more comfortable. Bamboo material even drapes much more nicely than most cottons, adding to your comfort when wearing it as clothing.

Bamboo Material softness

Highly Absorbent and Insulating

Bamboo material has exceptional natural wicking properties. This characteristic of bamboo makes it even more comfortable to wear and use as bedding, especially when it’s hot. The wonderful bamboo material is highly absorbent, which makes it pull moisture away from the skin to keep you feeling fresh and dry even when the weather is hot and humid. Excessive moisture on the skin can cause irritation. Bamboo fabric naturally pulls moisture away so that it does not remain on the skin. It’s wicking properties also cause it to distribute moisture evenly across the fabric so that it can evaporate faster, keeping the material dry as well. Not even Egyptian cotton, known as the king of cottons, can boast this level of efficacy when dealing with moisture.

Bamboo material will not leave you feeling sticky, as even some of the best cotton materials will. To illustrate, bamboo material is so absorbent that it can hold as much as three times its own weight in water. This is more water than most other plants that are used for manufacturing textiles can hold. Bamboo materials furthermore retain this important quality even after long use. Bamboo material is so breathable that it will not stick to your body even in humid weather. You stay much cooler this way, plus, bamboo material has insulating properties that give the material unique thermal regulating abilities. This means that you can feel equally comfortable wearing bamboo material in cold weather as you do in hot weather.

Bamboo Material cooling

Strong yet Lightweight

Bamboo material is one of the most durable -  only the best classes of cotton can compete. Bamboo’s naturally long fibres resist piling, as mentioned above, which means that bamboo material is resistant to wear and tear. Bamboo pillows, garments and bedding are therefore a better investment than cotton despite the price difference. If you are thinking of investing in superior cotton weaves, consider bamboo material as an alternative. The cost is comparable, and only bamboo material can give you the above additional benefits in addition to supreme durability. Enjoy superior comfort now, plus greater savings in the long run.

We all love to wear different colours to suit our personalities, moods, and different occasions. Fabric dyes, however, can weaken the integrity of different weaves. Bamboo material remains strong even after undergoing a dyeing process because much less dye is needed to colour it. This is also due to its superior absorbency. You can have bamboo materials, therefore, in the richest hues without compromising the natural strength of the beneficial bamboo fibres. Colours dyed into bamboo material also stay fast longer so you can enjoy vivid colours for as long as your sturdy bamboo material lasts - and that’s a very long time compared to other fabric types.

When we think of durable fabrics, we often think of thick linen garments that are heavy and uncomfortable. Bamboo material is almost as lightweight as it is strong. Imagine every-season light wear that keeps you comfortable no matter the temperature without making you feel like you’re wearing three sheep on your back. It’s absolutely amazing - a thinner fabric made from bamboo can withstand the same amount of wear and tear as a thicker cotton weave.

Bamboo material provides exquisite comfort and durability without the burden of weight or the need to replace items often. Bamboo material is the ideal choice for any wearable or other item that will come in close contact with your skin or remain there for prolonged periods. Bedding, clothing, pillows, sofa covers, and the like are best when they are made from this wondrous bamboo material.