Anticipating National Stop Snoring Week 2019

Did you know that there is an actual National Stop Snoring Week? This annual event was established by the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA) in 2003 in order to allow more people to learn about snoring and its ill effects. The association understands that people should not need to endure the effects of snoring.

Does Your or Your Partner’s Snoring Affect Your Sleep?

It’s important that you know the risks of snoring and that there are various treatments available.

The BSSAA has covered many different National Stop Snoring Week topics since 2003. Some of them are about snoring in general, the dangers of daytime sleepiness, home environmental factors that cause snoring, sleep apnoea risks, and snoring stigmas and remedies both traditional and technological. They actually released the results of their 2018 survey on phone apps that help people get better sleep.

Is Snoring A Serious Health Problem?

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Snoring sounds, from the simple wheezing to the deep guttural sounds, can be irritating. However, it is not just something we simply have to tolerate. These sounds usually disturb the sleep of both the one snoring and anyone who hears the sound. This is because snoring can be as loud as over 100 decibels. To give you a point of comparison, sleep can be disrupted by a 40-decibel level noise. And lowest level of snoring is around 50 decibels. All snoring, therefore, affects sleep, and sleep disturbance is the first serious threat to health.

Moreover, mental health problems, cognitive issues, and negative social behavior has been closely connected to extended or consistent exposure to noise. What can make these problems worse is when the noise is irritating – which snoring most assuredly is.

Interruptions in our sleep can also result in a consistent lack of much needed rest, which, in turn, can lead to many more additional problems. Sleep deprivation in people can lead to uneasiness, impatience, impaired response times, and typically below par performance. What’s more, these problems again bring about more problems, which can only be resolved by going back to the source and getting a good night’s sleep.

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To make matters worse, sleep deprivation can give rise to a great deal of serious health issues, some of which are fatal. The is because a lack of good sleep can negatively affect the functioning of body systems. To illustrate, it can disturb proper hormonal release, glucose regulation and cardiovascular function. These all result to a weak overall health.

What Can I Do to Stop Snoring?

The first thing you can do to stop snoring is to pinpoint the cause. In some people, snoring is caused by vibrating loose skin in the throat. In others, it is because the tongue blocks the passage of air when it relaxes and moves to the back of the throat. In addition, sleeping position can cause people to snore. An improper head and neck position during sleep can result in blocked airways, and this causes the breath to be forcibly pushed out, thus making that annoying sound.

Once you are aware of what causes your snoring, you can definitely begin to do something about it.

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For mouth or throat snorers – or those who snore because of the position of their tongues or jaws – there are gadgets that you can use. However, if you noticed that your bad sleeping position causes you to snore because your neck is being compressed, it’s a better pillow that you need. We at the Bamboo Factory can provide you with an exceptional bamboo pillow that you can use to help you correct your sleeping position.

As the bamboo pillow, formed from shredded memory foam, molds to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders, it helps you maintain a good sleeping position as you rest. Through forming it to your specific curves, you will be able to achieve that exact position that will let your head comfortably rest without causing the neck to tilt at an inconvenient angle or your shoulders to be in a position that constricts your airway. In this way, your airway is kept open all through the night, solving your snoring issues and at the same time letting you and those around sleep better.

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